Broward County Clerk of Courts- Pay to see case information?!?

Why is Broward the only South Florida County where attorneys cannot easily access case dockets.

The Broward Clerk’s website uses some laborious “unit credit” system for premium case access in order to see the actual case dockets, and charges $1.00 per unit , but only if you buy at least 49 units at  $49.00, AND the 49 unit package expires in one month!

Or you can access the system for one case within 2 days  for a $5.00 trial charge.  Not only are the charges ridiculous, try using the website, its slow and outdated.

Howard — I mean Broward should take a lesson from Palm Beach and Dade. As a practicing attorney, I find the information available on the Broward Clerk’s website to be sorely lacking, and a hindrance to the effective practice of law by Broward’s attorneys.

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FYI- Here is the premium access purchase menu from the Clerk’s website.

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