Local Preference in Florida Public Procurement

Andrew Douglas May 24, 2010

Generally, public works construction projects must be procured by  competitive bidding. Fla. Stat. 255.20(1).  However, the requirement for competitive bidding in Fla. Stat. 255.20 does not prohibit application of any small-business or disadvantaged-business enterprise program…

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Federal Civil RICO Violations- Open and Closed Ended Continuity

Andrew Douglas May 16, 2010

The Federal Civil RICO statute is a very powerful tool that can provide a litigant Federal Question Jurisdiction and the ability to recover treble damages and attorneys’ fees when otherwise unavailable. However, a major hurdle to successfully pleading and prosecuting…

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Andrew Douglas, P.A. IPhone Web App- Now Available

Andrew Douglas May 15, 2010

Carry your attorney with you on your phone. Andrew Douglas, P.A. can now be installed on your Iphone as a web-based application. Now you can follow the conversation wherever you go. Go to www.douglasfirm.com on your…

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