What makes us different makes us more effective for our clients.

Attorney Availability– With Andrew Douglas, P.A. we are always here to answer your questions and inform you about the status of your case. We promptly return all client calls, and provide direct attorney access to our clients.

Billing-  Our bills are straightforward and based on the work performed. Moreover, we believe that the attorney/client relationship should benefit the client.

Quality of Representation and Experience– Andrew Douglas attended Florida’s (and one of the Nation’s) premier law schools at the University of Florida. He has his masters degree in business, and has spent his career litigating commercial and construction cases.

Transparency– We keep our clients informed about the status of their cases. Litigation can be a long process, which is not familiar to everyone. We want our clients to ask their questions so that they know the status of their cases and feel comfortable about the progress of their cases.

Long term client relationships- We do not want to handle just one of your cases, we want to  handle all of your legal matters. We strive to build long term relationships with our clients, so that you always have an attorney who can help when needed. Every case is important to us, because our relationship with every client is important to us. We want to keep our clients happy by obtaining the best possible result in every case.

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