Account Receivable Collections & Lien Foreclosures for Contractors and Businesses

Certain Cases Handled on Contingency Basis

Clients Pay Out-of-Pocket Costs and Only Pay Attorney's Fees if There is a Recovery

Attorney Representation

We are a law firm not a collections agency. After an initial demand letter, suit is filed to collect your debt.

Quick Action

Your collections cases move quickly. After a demand letter is sent, if there is no response, a lawsuit is quickly filed and diligently prosecuted.

Attorney Fees Only if You Recover

On Contingency Fee Cases, Attorney's fees are only owed if there is a recovery. Out-of-Pocket costs are owed regardless of recovery.

Aging account receivables can effect the bottom line of your company and distract you from the daily activities of your company. Small business have plenty to focus on– advertising, obtaining new clients, and performing new jobs.

When clients don’t pay for the work your company performs, your business will spend valuable resources trying to collect old balances. These efforts take away from focusing on new business and new customers. After in-house attempts to collect amounts owed, its time to hire an attorney. We are not a collections agency, but a law firm that will handle your aging account receivables quickly and directly. We are a litigation law firm that will file lawsuits to collect your outstanding balances. What seperates us from collections agencies or other collection law firms, is that we have experience litigating claims for breach of contract, construction lien foreclosure, and related causes of action.

Your case requires special attention and experience. Oftentimes, when a small business or contractor brings a lawsuit for breach of contract for non-payment, or a lien foreclosure action for non-payment, Defendant’s will invariable set forth defenses for their basis for not paying the amount owed. Maneuvering around these defenses to ultimately obtain a judgment, and collect the amount owed is what separates a litigation practice from simple collections efforts.

Call Today to see how we can help. We offer contingency representation for volume collection work, but clients are always responsible for out-of-pocket costs.

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