Andrew Douglas, P.A. Construction Attorney Representing Architects

Andrew Douglas, P. A. is a South Florida Construction Attorney, our Construction attorneys handle all construction claims and construction disputes. We handle claims for all Florida Construction Contractors, including Architects.

An Architects is defined under Florida Law as:

“Architect” or “registered architect” means a natural person who is licensed under this part to engage in the practice of architecture.

“Architecture” means the rendering or offering to render services in connection with the design and construction of a structure or group of structures which have as their principal purpose human habitation or use, and the utilization of space within and surrounding such structures. These services include planning, providing preliminary study designs, drawings and specifications, job-site inspection, and administration of construction contracts.

An Architects has a unique business model that shares similarities to other construction trades, but also has its differences. Our construction attorneys at Andrew Douglas, P.A. understand these differences and have knowledge and experience handling the claims that effect the Architects. We can provide you guidance tailored to your construction law needs and situation.

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