AT&T is smarter than you! Ipad Unlimited Data — Not so fast!

I ordered my Ipad 3G on June 5, 2010 after it was announced that ATT was no longer offering an unlimited data plan starting on June 7, 2010. Furthermore, both ATT through a New York Times article and Apple on its website indicated so long as the Ipad was ordered before June 7, 2010 (even if the model was back ordered), purchasers would be eligible for  the unlimited data plan. I received my backordered Ipad on June 21, 2010, and made several phone calls to ATT wireless  to sign up for the unlimited data plan. No one seemed to have a clue how to handle my simple request  and was met with personnel whose competence ranged from complete cluelessness to simply incompetent.

After several attempts, and many transfers I was told to call a special ATT number (866)640-5125 for a department who could put me on the unlimted ipad data plan –in fact the only department in the ATT universe who could accomplish this feat with their special computers that seemingly had access to a “special computer system. ”

As of this writing on June 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm I have spent almost 8 cumulative hours on hold listening to the same musak over and over, and consistently being assured that my call is important. On two separate occasions, I just left the phone on speaker and went about my day only to be disconnected after an hour on the first call and after almost 2 hours on the second.

I now remember why I left Cingular Wireless (ATT’s predecessor) 8 years ago (only now to be back with ATT with an Iphone.) I suppose I will keep trying the special number. ATT is certainly smarter than me, even after I swore them off 8 years ago, I’m back dealing with their shenanigans.

Similar experience???? Let me know.

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