Attorney Demand Letter

Make a Serious Demand, Seriously, with an Attorney Demand Letter. 

Attorney Demand Letters, Florida Attorney Demand Letters

Litigation usually begins, and can easily end, with a well drafted demand letter from a Florida Attorney. An attorney demand letter is a pre-litigation tool when an attorney reviews your case and demands the appropriate the relief by sending your debtor or adversary a letter demanding an amount owed or other relief.

A demand letter is powerful and has a powerful effect when coming from an attorney it signals that:

  1.  You have already contacted counsel regarding the dispute and are serious,
  2. An attorney has reviewed the matter,
  3. And that you are ready to proceed with litigation if necessary.

An Attorney Demand letter also gives your debtor an opportunity to understand the value of your claim.

Benefits of having an Attorney draft an  Attorney Demand letter include,

  1. Attorney Demand Letter Carries more weight and seriousness than an internal creditor demand letter,
  2. Maybe a pre-requisite to filing a lawsuit and therefore made need certain content,
  3. Proof of delivery,
  4. Can be used to start the clock on pre-judgment interest if case proceeds forward,
  5. Reasonably priced collection solution, and Andrew Douglas, P.A. offers flat fee demand letter.

Andrew Douglas, P.A. Can Write an Attorney Demand Letter for You.

For a flat fee Andrew Douglas, P.A. will review your claim, discuss your claim with you, and draft a demand letter on your behalf.  Call to discuss your case, and start the process to collect what you are entitled too. An attorney demand letter is the first step, and Andrew Douglas, P.A. can help.

Send an Attorney Demand letter to:

  • To demand an amount of money owed to you or your business,
  • To demand compliance with the terms of a contract,
  • To demand non-monetary relief,
  • To protect your personal or business interests,
  • To demand a cease and desist of unlawful or conduct contrary to a contract, and
  • For all other relief sought under the law.

Getting an Attorney involved early in your case is important, litigation begins before the lawsuit is file. A demand letter is your first action toward litigation, and sets the tone, terms, and initial demand for the relief sought. By speaking to an attorney first, you are ensuring that your demand is taken seriously, and that you are making a serious demand.





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