Andrew Douglas, P.A. Construction Attorney Representing Landscape Architects

Andrew Douglas, P.A. Construction Attorney Representing Landscape Architects

Andrew Douglas, P. A. is a South Florida Construction Attorney, our Construction attorneys handle all construction claims and construction disputes. We handle claims for all Florida Construction Contractors, including Landscape Architectss.

A Landscape Architects is defined under Florida Law as:

“Landscape architecture” means professional services, including, but not limited to, the following:
(a) Consultation, investigation, research, planning, design, preparation of drawings, specifications, contract documents and reports, responsible construction supervision, or landscape management in connection with the planning and development of land and incidental water areas, including the use of Florida-friendly landscaping as defined in s. 373.185, where, and to the extent that, the dominant purpose of such services or creative works is the preservation, conservation, enhancement, or determination of proper land uses, natural land features, ground cover and plantings, or naturalistic and aesthetic values;
(b) The determination of settings, grounds, and approaches for and the siting of buildings and structures, outdoor areas, or other improvements;
(c) The setting of grades, shaping and contouring of land and water forms, determination of drainage, and provision for storm drainage and irrigation systems where such systems are necessary to the purposes outlined herein; and
(d) The design of such tangible objects and features as are necessary to the purpose outlined herein.
(7) “Landscape design” means consultation for and preparation of planting plans drawn for compensation, including specifications and installation details for plant materials, soil amendments, mulches, edging, gravel, and other similar materials. Such plans may include only recommendations for the conceptual placement of tangible objects for landscape design projects. Construction documents, details, and specifications for tangible objects and irrigation systems shall be designed or approved by licensed professionals as required by law.

A Landscape Architects has a unique business model that shares similarities to other construction trades, but also has its differences. Our construction attorneys at Andrew Douglas, P.A. understand these differences and have knowledge and experience handling the claims that affect the Landscape Architects. We can provide you guidance tailored to your construction law needs and situation.

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