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Our Construction Attorney has the skill and experience to help our clients avoid many of the disputes often present in the construction process.  A construction attorney can assist you and your construction company with all aspects of your business. At Andrew Douglas, P.A. we hold many titles, we are your go-to  construction lawyer, construction attorney, construction law attorneys, construction defect attorneys, and construction litigation attorney, and your contracts attorney. We represent all owners, subcontractors, material suppliers,  and manufacturers.

A Construction Attorney has specialized knowledge of the construction laws that effect the players in the construction industry.  

Construction Defects

Many types of construction defects can devalue your property by undermining its structural integrity or aesthetic qualities, reducing its expected lifespan, and/or increasing maintenance costs to you. In the worst case, they can cause health or safety concerns if left unresolved. A construction defect exists when the components of a building (or the constructed elements surrounding the building) fail to perform their intended function or do not conform to the building codes and other standards applicable in your city or county. Contact our construction attorneys to discuss your case.

Construction Payment Disputes

Whether you are a general contractor or subcontractor and are owed money on a construction Project, a Construction attorney at at Andrew Douglas, P.A. can help.

Lien Foreclosure Lawsuit by a Construction Attorney

Florida’s Construction Lien Law creates a system of notices, which if used properly, provide a balance of protections for owners, contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and material suppliers. The statutory scheme is substantially affected by the relationship of contractual privity between various parties in the “chain of contracts.” The Florida courts strictly construe the Construction Lien Law, requiring careful compliance with the statutory time periods and other requirements governing service of all required notices. A Construction Attorney specializes in lien foreclosure actions, and can help you collect your unpaid construction funds. Contact a Construction Attorney at Andrew Douglas, P.A.  to learn more about your claim. Call our Lien Foreclosure Lawyers to discuss your case.

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