Construction & Electrical Qualification – Termination of Qualifier

Fla. Stat. 489.113(3)(a) requires that a qualified business replace its qualifier within 60 days of qualifier termination of qualification. The company cannot continue to operate as a construction business until it replaces its qualifier, however, it may obtain a temporary certificate permitting it to complete incomplete jobs.

The analogous electrical contracting statute seems to indicate that company is still qualified unless no new qualifier is appointed within the 60 days.

In all events, a qualified company needs to have a newly appointed qualifier within 60 days.

Fla. Stat. 489.119(3)(a) (Construction Qualification Statute)

(3)(a) A qualifying agent must be certified or registered under this part in order for the business organization to operate in the category of contracting in which the qualifying agent is certified or registered. If any qualifying agent ceases to be affiliated with a business organization, he or she shall inform the department. In addition, if the qualifying agent is the only certified or registered contractor affiliated with the business organization, the business organization shall notify the department of the termination of the qualifying agent and shall have 60 days from the termination of the qualifying agent’s affiliation with the business organization in which to employ another qualifying agent. The business organization may not engage in contracting until a qualifying agent is employed, unless the executive director or chair of the board has granted a temporary nonrenewable certificate or registration to the financially responsible officer, the president, a partner, or, in the case of a limited partnership, the general partner, who assumes all responsibilities of a primary qualifying agent for the business organization. This temporary certificate or registration shall only allow the business organization to proceed with incomplete contracts. For the purposes of this paragraph, an incomplete contract is one which has been awarded to, or entered into by, the business organization prior to the cessation of affiliation of the qualifying agent with the business organization or one on which the business organization was the low bidder and the contract is subsequently awarded, regardless of whether any actual work has commenced under the contract prior to the qualifying agent ceasing to be affiliated with the business organization.

Fla. Stat. 489.521(5) (Electrical Contracting) – No temporary certificate available.

(5) At least one officer or supervising employee of the business organization must be qualified under this act in order for the business organization to be qualified to engage in contracting in the category of the business conducted. If any individual so qualified on behalf of the business organization ceases to qualify the business organization, he or she shall notify the board and the department thereof within 30 days after such occurrence. In addition, if the individual is the only individual who qualifies the business organization, the business organization shall notify the board and the department of the individual’s termination, and it shall have a period of 60 days from the termination of the individual to qualify another person under the provision of this act, failing which, the board shall determine that the business organization is no longer qualified to engage in contracting. 

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