Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Our Florida Real Estate Litigation Attorney has the skill and experience to help our clients prevail in real estate related disputes. At Andrew Douglas, P.A. we hold many titles, we are your go-to  commercial litigation attorney, construction attorney, construction law attorneys, and Florida Real Estate Litigation Attorney. We represent all purchasers and sellers of Real Estate and all other parties involved in real estate litigation.

Our Florida Real Estate Litigation Attorney knows the Florida Real Estate Law

A Real Estate Litigation Attorney has specialized knowledge of the real estate laws that effect the players in the commercial real estate industry and also homeowners or small landlords.

Do you Need a ? We can help.

Our real estate litigators represent owners, developers, secured lenders, loan participants, governmental entities, bondholders, borrowers, landlords, tenants and other clients in disputes involving:

  • Purchase/sale contracts and options, including acquisition, post-closing adjustment, specific performance , as well as rescission and other fraud/mistake claims
  • Secured loans, including foreclosure, and lender liability and bad faith claims
  • Title matters, including bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer status, lien and ownership priority, easement rights, mechanic’s lien rights, adverse possession and other prescriptive rights, and accretion/erosion issues
  • Commercial leases, including eviction and forcible detainer actions, and rights of first refusal matters
  • Major construction disputes, including subsidence, excavation, general contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Eminent domain disputes, including litigation regarding fair market value, right to take disputes, and relocation.

Are you a victim of a real estate transaction gone wrong? Did an agent, broker, or seller make misrepresentations about the property which are now causing you problems?  Not disclose issues affecting the value of your property?

  • Unauthorized work and work performed without permits to the property
  • Undisclosed liens and other title defects
  • Undisclosed defects in construction
  • Undisclosed assessments and levies
  • Misrepresentation of inspection results by agent or inspector
  • All other claims against real estate agents or sellers.

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