Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

At Andrew Douglas, P.A. , we handle all Florida foreclosure defense cases,  and can help you keep your home and protect your credit with the following tools:

  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Loan Modification
  • Deficiency Judgment
  • Forced Deed in Lieu
  • Defending Mortgage Foreclosure to buy you the time and ability to modify.

The foreclosure process in Florida can involve a judicial process or a non-judicial process depending on the circumstances. Whether you are currently going through the pre-foreclosure or are actually in a litigation process it is important to know that a foreclosure attorney can help.  Once a lawsuit to foreclose has been filed you only 20 days to respond ie, and this means that involving a  Broward County/South Florida  foreclosure defense lawyer as soon as possible is of critical importance. We can discuss your potential alternatives to foreclosure, and can help if you have been the victim of  predatory  or fraudulent lending practices and can assist you in reaching the best possible resolution to save your home and credit.

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