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Contingency Construction Cases

Most attorneys only take construction cases on an hourly rate basis. We take contingency construction cases. Call us for a case evaluation to see if your case qualifies for contingency fee representation.

Contingency Construction Cases

Contingency Construction Cases  – a contingency fee structure is available for certain construction case.  We look at different factors in determining whether a case is appropriate for a contingency fee.

Factors Firm Considers when Evaluating Contingency Construction Cases for Contingency Fee Payment Option

    • Amount in Controversy
    • Likelihood of Success on Merits of Case
    • Expectation of Counter-Claim and Defenses
    • Collectibility of Potential Defendants / Collateral (foreclose liens/ payment bond)
    • Client’s Ability to Pay Estimated Costs of Litigation (Clients always pay costs of litigation.)

Benefits of a contingency fee payment option are obvious, in that the client does not pay any attorneys’ fees for the attorney’s work on the case, and the attorney only gets paid if money is collected on the client’s behalf.  However, the client is always responsible to pay (and sometimes pre-pay) the costs of litigation. The costs of litigation may be substantial and include such things as filing fee, process server fee, copies, case investigation costs, court reporters, transcripts of depositions and hearings, and much more. When our firm takes a contingency fee case,  the client is always responsible for the out-of-pocket costs for the case.

Further, generally, a contingency fee case structure unites the interests of the client with those of the attorney. In that the law firm makes its money, when it makes money for the client.

With Contingency Construction Cases, there are some interesting issues that arise. For instance, a case can settle quickly – which generally provides the attorney a higher effective hourly rate. In the alternative, a case can go on for years with the attorney receiving a low effective hourly rate for his work on the case. Whether a case settles quickly or requires lengthy litigation is a risk for the attorney.

Call now to see if your case qualifies for our contingency fee payment option.

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