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We are your Florida construction attorney.Florida construction attorney has the skill and experience to help our clients avoid many of the disputes often present in the construction process. However, such disputes are not uncommon and require a skilled Florida construction attorney to assure that a dispute does not delay completion or increase the costs of your project. Our Florida construction attorneys can assist you and your construction company with all aspects of your business. Construction litigation requires a Florida construction attorney who is familiar with the situations and legal problems that arise in the construction industry. Our practice is dedicated to construction litigation, and helping construction companies with all their legal needs.  To contact a Florida construction attorney that will partner with you in your construction law needs, click here.  An attorney with experience in construction law can advise you about how to handle your construction defect claim. Construction law is the body of law that deals with legal issues and matters surrounding the construction industry. As mentioned above, the ins and outs of construction law can be very complex.   Today, construction has slowed down, yet the need for a Florida construction attorney has never been more important.

At Andrew Douglas, P.A. our Florida Construction Lawyer, and our Commercial Litigation Attorneys are here to answers your questions and help you. A Florida construction attorney is a valuable and recommended resource to assist in creating, negotiating, and resolving contract disputes.  A construction contract may or may not address all the situations that develop over the course of a project.  While the contract may be clear, each party may interpret the contract to mean something different.  The construction contract is the essential document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of each party to the agreement.  A benefit of having a well written construction contract is that the parties will be able to ascertain their rights.

Depending on the contract, the construction dispute may be resolved through arbitration, mediation or litigation.  Any sort of construction dispute will result in hours of lost time and legal expenses.  The property was finally lost in foreclosure.  Most property is subject to governmental oversight on the uses to which the property may be put.  As part of the responsibilities of being a Florida Construction Attorney representing you, we know how to handle construction liens that cloud title to property.

What is a Construction Attorney?

A Construction Attorney is an attorney who is experienced in handling construction related cases including licensure issues, lien foreclosure actions, and all other legal actions that arise in the construction contracting arena. Construction Attorneys know how to prepare a construction case for presentation in Court to a Judge or to a Jury, and are familiar with the established case law and statutes that affect construction contractors. Construction cases are generally more complex than standard contract issues due to the large amount of paperwork that exists on a construction project. Further, a successful construction attorney must have business background and must be familiar with accounting and financial principles. From reviewing payment applications to preparing a claim for delay damages, a business, accounting, and financial background is key to preparing a construction litigation claim. At Andrew Douglas, P.A., our principal attorney, Andrew Douglas, is an experienced construction attorney who knows how to prepare Florida construction claims. Andrew graduated from the University of Florida College of Law and also has his Masters Degree in Business from the University of Florida. Andrew is a Florida Construction Attorney, and Florida Commercial Litigation Attorney handling all types of cases in Florida Courts.

Who needs a Florida Construction Attorney?

All participants in the construction contracting and the construction industry can benefit  from consulting with a Florida Construction Attorney, including owners, subcontractors, material suppliers, manufacturers, including —  air conditioning contractors,  alarm system contractors, commercial pool contractors,  electrical contractors, general contractors,  mechanical contractors,  plumbers and plumbing contractors,  pollutant storage systems contractors, pool maintenance contractors,  residential pool contractors, roofing contractors,  sheet metal contractors,  solar contractors,  underground utility and excavation contractors, sub-contractors, construction lenders, design-professionals, architects, engineers, interior-designers and interior decorators, and landscape architects. A Florida Construction Attorney is an attorney who has a practice dedicated to construction law and commercial litigation clients and cases, and who is experienced in handling such matters. If you are in the construction industry you may need a construction attorney familiar with that industry and who can help you to quickly and effectively solve your legal issues.

  • If you are owed money related to construction work…. You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you are unpaid for materials, labor, or supplies for a construction project… You need a Florida Construction Attorney. 
  • If you are an owner, and the contractor or subcontractor performed defective work… You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you need an expert to review a construction contract…You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you need someone to help you negotiate your construction contract to protect your rights…You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you have a complex construction delay claim…You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you need to foreclose a construction lien or defend foreclosure of a construction lien…You need a Florida Construction Attorney.
  • If you need help with a public procurement bid protest…You need a Florida Construction Attorney.

We are Florida Construction Attorneys, Commercial Litigation Attorneys, and More.

Andrew Douglas, P.A. is  a commercial litigation attorney representing all types of businesses in Florida. Andrew Douglas, P.A. is a litigation law firm that also provides general counsel services. Whether you company needs a litigation attorney or simply an attorney to help you through corporate, compliance, or other non-litigation issues we can help you understand and comply with Florida State and Federal Law.

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