Lien Form Generator

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1. Complete your lien information on this form.
2. Submit and review lien. If information is correct, Download your lien as a PDF.
3. Execute and Notarize your lien.
4. File with County Recorder's Office of the County where the liened property is located.

About the Lienor

Name of Person Preparing this Lien Address City, State Zip Code
Name Address City, State Zip Code *This is who receives lien after it is recorded by the Clerk.
Leave blank if out of state to write in appropriate state.
Leave blank if executing lien out of state to write in County.

About the Lienor

Name of Person/Agent making this sworn claim of lien.
Address City, State Zip Code
Enter name of company or person who directed the Leinor to perform work on the Property.

Property Description

Leave blank if executing lien out of state.
Should include full legal description, post office address, and property appraiser's folio number if available.

Value of the Work

Generally, a lienor may recover for all materials incorporated into the improvement and all labor and services furnished to the improvement of the real property. A claim of lien may only cover the reasonable value of the work performed and in place plus profit and overhead on that work. Naturally, a lienor may recover for authorized extras or change orders, provided the extras and change orders are "authorized by the owner." However, the claim of lien may not include things such as delay damages, or other expenses arising out of a breach of contract.

Statutory Notices

The notice to owner must be sent to all parties above you on the job, with the exception of the party with whom you have a direct contract.
Any additional information including an explanation of the lien amount, if necessary.