Personal Liability for Fraudulent Lien or Slander of Title for Lien filed on Behalf of Business, Not So Fast.

Executing a lien on behalf of the contracting entity does not create individual liability.

See BRUCE TANSEY CUSTOM CARPENTRY, INC. v GOODMAN , 33 So.3d 70, (Fla. 2nd DCA 2010), “Even if the complaint had alleged that Tansey was individually liable, the evidence did not support individual liability where Custom Carpentry was the lienor and Tansey signed the liens as president of Custom Carpentry. Neither the original lien nor the amended lien stated or implied that Tansey, individually, was the lienor. On remand, the trial court must revise the final judgment to reflect that Tansey is not individually liable for the fraudulent lien.”

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