Qualifying a Construction Business in Florida: How much should the Qualifier be paid?

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Oftentimes, Qualifiers ask the firm when preparing their Qualifier Agreements, “How much should I get paid?” While, there is no clear answer to this question, there are some things to consider .

First and foremost, a qualifier should ask himself/herself how many hours do I expect to work each week to dutifully perform my work as a qualifier for the company, and to do so in compliance with supervision requirements inherent in Florida law.

The answer to the question will, and should, vary greatly depending on the type of work the qualified business entity expects to perform, including the quality and quanity of simultaneous projects. A general contractor building a large residential subdivision will have different oversight requirements than will a smaller A/C contracting company with 5 work trucks, than an A/C contracting company that oversees 50 technicians in as many trucks.

Another consideration is whether the Qualifier expects an hour compensation as opposed to a percentage of some earning metric (profits, contract, value), or even a fixed rate per permit. Tying compensation to a performance or quantitative metric may better align the qualifier compensation with the amount of work that is expected in order to supervise and oversee each project for which the Qualifier is responsible.

In all events, however, a qualifier can re-negotiate the terms of its qualifying arrangement once there is a better understanding of the requirements of the qualification work.

Please feel free to contract Andrew Douglas, P.A. to discuss your qualification needs and to draft or update your qualifier contract.

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