Update June 22, 2013: Weston Cable provider still behind the times and can’t keep up with emerging technologies. Advanced Cable subscribers still provided limited OnDemand services, and no access to premium online tie-ins such as HBO Go, WatchESPN, Showtime Anytime, etc. 

I am creating this post to start a discussion regarding the woefully outdated and limited programming, and slow internet service provided by Weston’s Advanced Cable Communication. Currently, most Weston residents are forced to pay basic cable fees through their water bill (roughly $50) and also pay top dollar for non-basic (but still inadequate) features by direct bill.

Moreover, there is no other choice as to hard line cable providers in most of Weston.

Although, the compelled basic-cable-through-water bill contract is set to expire at the end 2013 there is no guarantee that Comcast or another competent carrier will make their services available to the Weston residents currently served by Advanced.

Has the City of Weston failed by imposing Advanced Cable upon its residents but not requiring Advanced to provide services commensurate with local competition? Please share your thoughts.



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