Construction Law: Qualifier/Qualifying Agreement, Sample Provisions, Florida General Contractor

subcontractor unjust enrichment

(Need a Qualifier Agreement?, Go to our main qualifier agreement page for more information, Click Here!) For any contracting business to legally operate in the State of Florida, a qualifying agent must be certified or registered with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the category of contracting in which the qualifying agent is … Read more

Praying for Comcast -Weston Community Struggles with Outdated Tech of Advanced Cable Communications

Update June 22, 2013: Weston Cable provider still behind the times and can’t keep up with emerging technologies. Advanced Cable subscribers still provided limited OnDemand services, and no access to premium online tie-ins such as HBO Go, WatchESPN, Showtime Anytime, etc.  I am creating this post to start a discussion regarding the woefully outdated and limited programming, … Read more

Florida Joint Accounts – Equal Access with Equal Ownership

Joint accounts are common but most people do not understand the rights of each named account owner. While the titling of joint accounts will determine who may access such accounts from the bank’s perspective (with the use of an “and” or “or” designation, requiring both or just one owner to access, respectively), ownership is not … Read more

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