Personal Injury Attorneys Beware

Here is the scam that one clever Miami homeless man devised.

A man named “Daniel Michael Taylor” (I actually think this is his real name.) contacts a personal injury attorney claiming he was referred to that attorney by a friend of his. He has a near perfect case and therefore proves that things too good to be true usually aren’t.

He claims he had been hit by a drunk driver who was driving a company car on company time, had sustained severe injuries and has incurred almost 850k in medical bills, and has not had any previous representation. In fact, he claims that an insurance adjuster friend has been advising him to this point, but now needs an attorney.

He wants to meet and secure representation quickly. He looks injured, limps, and has many other noticeable physical ailments. But he looks too clean to be homeless. He will sign your retainer agreement and show you several documents and notes regarding insurance companies that have contacted him already. All of this information is fabricated.

Then he craftily mentions that he needs a $20 medication that the pharmacy has been holding for him, but will not hold much longer.

Seemingly, his scam is to get the $20.00 from you.

You will never hear from him again after this meeting.

If you have met Mr. Taylor please drop a line on this blog, and don’t feel bad, at least 50 other attorneys have fallen for this so far.

4 thoughts on “Personal Injury Attorneys Beware”

  1. He contacted me and gave me actual medical bills, accident report and a copy of his fake diary, which I have. It cost me a cup of coffee and a few hours of wasted time. Has anyone reported him to the cops. He is a menace. Where can I read the other comments? Bruce

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