Construction Company: Financially Responsible Officers (FRO) Fla. Stat. 489

What is a Financially Responsible Officer (FRO)? Generally, when a licensed contractor qualifies a construction business entity that qualifier is responsible for both the construction activities of that business and the financial aspects of the business. However, the use of an FRO separates these 2 responsibilities, allowing for the qualifier to limit his/her responsibilities to … Read more

Broward County Clerk of Courts- Pay to see case information?!?

Why is Broward the only South Florida County where attorneys cannot easily access case dockets. The Broward Clerk’s website uses some laborious “unit credit” system for premium case access in order to see the actual case dockets, and charges $1.00 per unit , but only if you buy at least 49 units at  $49.00, AND … Read more

Renting? Is your landlord in foreclosure?

In this real estate market everyone is looking for a steal. However, some offers are too good to be true. In the past only potential renters required background checks needed to close a rental agreement. Now times are different, and landlords need to be investigated too. Here are some helpful tips if you are planning … Read more