Small Business Attorney

Small Business Attorney: A Small Business Attorney For All Aspects of Your Small Business and Personal Life   In this economy every dollar counts, you need to see a Small Business Attorney for your business and your personal matters. Small Business Attorney is for more than your just business it is your one stop attorney … Read more

Commercial Litigation: It’s All About Economics.

Commercial Litigation should be Driven by Economic Principles Not Emotion. Commercial litigation sounds like a fancy area of law. Many people hear the term commercial litigation and they think of big law firms, with big corporate clients engaged in litigation over big money. While commercial litigation can be thought of in these terms, the playes … Read more

Local Preference in Florida Public Procurement

Generally, public works construction projects must be procured by  competitive bidding. Fla. Stat. 255.20(1).  However, the requirement for competitive bidding in Fla. Stat. 255.20 does not prohibit application of any small-business or disadvantaged-business enterprise program or any local-preference ordinance.Fla Stat. 255.20(i). Local Preference ordinances are used by governmental entities to help local businesses obtain public work, … Read more

Bid Protests – Public Procurement

A bid protest is a tool available to bidders on public projects who feel that they have been aggrieved by the bid process. However, to properly bring a bid protest you need to have standing. Generally, only the second lowest bidder has standing to challenge the award to the lowest bidder. There are some exceptions … Read more